The famous Berliner Gemüsekebab

Since the legend of Mustafa’s Gemüsekebab – according to that you can buy the best vegetable kebabs at Mehringdamm 32, considering at least half an hour waiting time in a queue in front of the booth – the vegetable kebabs gained in importance in Berlin in the last years. However, how about if you don’t have so much time to get your Turkish bread roll or just simply don’t fancy waiting long to get your ?

Namely, you can find other awesome vegetable kebab shops in the city. You just have to take your time to discover your surrounding.

If you are sometimes on your way in Charlottenburg, we can recommend you Mustafa Demir’s Gemüsekebab which has just opened in Zillestraße some months ago.  As it is about a relative new food booth, we assumed that the employees still strive to provide great service their buyers to build up a stable customer group.

And after all we were not disappointed. We chose some chicken kebab with vegetable in bread for 3.50 EUR. The food was not only great but we also got free drinks (0,2 l glass bottled soft drink). The chicken meat was covered with fresh feta cheese and roasted vegetables. The food was tasty, the portion was fully enough. And all this only for 3.50 EUR! So, I think we will return here very often at sunny weather.

Only one disadvantage of this food booth is that you can’t eat inside so if it is cold I would recommend you to take your food away.

At a glance
What: Mustafa Demir’s Gemüsekebab
Where: Wilmersdorferstr 142/ Zillestraße 78, 10585 Berlin



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