A cable car for Berlin

The capital from a bird’s-eye view – a completely different view of Berlin makes a new cableway possible. It is one of the attractions of the Garden Exhibition IGA, which opened in April. After the exhibition it can be used as a normal public transport.

On the occasion of the International Garden Exhibition (IGA Berlin 2017), a cableway has been built again in Berlin for the first time in 50 years.

If you want to explore the 100 hectares of IGA 2017, you should be well on foot. Especially, the 102 m high Kienberg is a special challenge for families with small children, elderly guests and visitors with handicaps. For this reason, the IGA cableway represents an ideal means of transporting people on the premises, as it were, a connecting band. In 2017, it will hover above the Kienberg into the gardens of the world as a barrier-free means of transport from the newly emerging IGA main entrance “Kienbergpark” near the “Neue Grottkauer Straße” subway station.

Thanks to the cable car designed specifically for the IGA Berlin 2017, 3,000 people, 25 to 30 meters high, can enjoy the view over the exhibition and far beyond. Use of the cableway will be included in the entrance fee to the IGA site. On the day of their visit, guests can take the cable car as often as they like.

You can find more information here >>


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