Where to meet new people and make new friends in Berlin

Are you new in Berlin or were you born here? Regardless of how long you already live in the capital, there is always much to discover. Even if you have been living for long time here or maybe you still want to meet new people as there is a constant change in the consistency of local inhabitants.


I have put together some great opportunities through that you can get know easily new nice people in Berlin.

Facebook groups
Our social media world has enabled new, boundless opportunities to get know easily new people you just need a gadget, Internet connection and social media profile e.g. Facebook account, and already on your first day in the new city you can meet up local inhabitants. Depending on your age and interests, you are able to filter and target quickly diverse facebook communities. I have collected below some popular facebook group that can help you in finding your first contacts in Berlin. Follow these groups and and review the daily comments and freetime offers. Join if you are interested in a program. Or simply post your introduction and request for getting know nice people on the wall of the group. You can be sure to get fast answers and PMs in your mailbox.

Groups for young people and students
Visit student groups e.g. Erasmus and university sites and communities to connect friendly, young people. For instance: Erasmus Berlin 2016/2017Erasmus Berlin 2017/2018Erasmus Berlin 2017/2018 Official.

Groups for new people in Berlin
The purpose of this group is to get know new people and join for common leisure activities e.g. Neu in Berlin (New in Berlin) (note that the main language of this group is German)

English speaker groups
As Berlin also attracts several international people, there are many groups as well that enable for non-German speakers to make friends. Check out the following examples: Toytown Berlin Young English SpeakersInternational Friends Berlin.

Country groups
If you come from abroad, you can invoke specialized groups for your country as well enabling to stay in touch with some compatriots. On the other hand, these groups facilitate networking between people from different countries, so they provide you with great language practicing opportunities as well . Some examples: Americans in BerlinItaliani a BerlinoLes Français de Berlin.

Meetups (Stammtische)
A meetup group is a local community of people. Meetup groups are sustained through meetup events, which are face-to-face gatherings that happen in real life between members and organizers. Some of the most popular meetups are:

Neu in Berlin Stammtisch (New in Berlin meetup): Every Wednesday from 7 pm the meetup takes place in a café or restaurant within the S-Bahn ring. The location will be published a few days before on Facebook at the “New in Berlin” meetup group. More information >>

Make friends in Berlin meetup: check out the official website for more information.

Toytown meetup: you can find on the official website several events and meetups. Excellent opportunity for English speakers!

Vogelspinnen meetup: Every second Saturday of the month, the “Vogelspinnen-Stammtisch” is held in the Restaurant Galija, Otto-Suhr-Allee 139, in Charlottenburg from 15 to about 19:00. More information >>

Origami meetup: On every last Sunday of the month, the passionate paperfalter meet in leisure time at Duisburger Straße 14 in Wilmersdorf. More information at Rainer Caspary, rc.origami-berlin@gmx.de and under papierfalten.de.

Vegan meetup: Every first Friday as well as on the 17th of a month the Vegan-Stammtisch meets from 8 pm in changing restaurants in Berlin. Regularly there is also a vegan single-parent table. More information >>

Minimalist meetup: Every third Sunday of the month, the minimalism table comes together at 4 pm in “Lustgarten”, recognizable by a flag with the letter M. In bad weather, the meeting is transferred to a café at Alexanderplatz. Due to the Berlin election, the meeting will be postponed one day in September, on September 17th. More information >>

Modestammtisch (Fashion meetup): Every last Tuesday of the month, the Modestamm table will meet in Berlin from 7:30 pm at the Upcycling Fashion Store, Anklamer Str. 17, Mitte.

Taking part in courses is a great opportunity not only to extend your knowledge but also to meet new people.

Sport & dance
There is a wide range of sport and dance courses of Berliner universities at a reasonable price. Discover the homepages of these institutes e.g. TU Berlin,  Humboldt-Universität, FU-Berlin.
Furthermore, you can also meet new people visiting a fitness studio. Check out the opportonities of McFit, Fitness First or further studios.

Check out the offer of the Berliner Volkshochschulen for courses at a reasonable price.

Check out our post Learn successfully.

Game nights (Spielabende)
A game night is a rather time-intensive activity with high entertainment. Are you interested in poker, dice, Catan, Settlers, Risk, etc.? Join a suitable group in Berlin and meet new people. Check out the sites below: Groops, Spieletreff, Spielabend Berlin.

Brain cells can not only be driven away by alcohol, but they can also get drunk! It does not work? Admittedly, it depends on the right combination. If you enjoy your Pils, for example, weekly, while general and special knowledge is queried, then surely something will hang of it. You can experience the lively combi from the pub culture and the “Ratspaß” at the so-called “Kneipenquiz”. The idea has emerged in Irish pubs, and it is also very popular in Berlin. Test your knowledge in popular quizes at the following bars and meet new people: Schmittz, Fosca, Dicker Wirt, Oscar Wilde Pub, Celtic Cottage, The Harp.


Workshops and seminars
Business Plan Competition Berlin-Brandenburg (Businessplan-Wettbewerb Berlin-Brandenbburg – BPW)
The business plan contest Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany’s largest regional business plan competition, offers free seminars, workshops, individual feedback and networking opportunities. Information and dates >>

deGUT – German founding and entrepreneur days (deGUT – Deutsche Gründer- und Unternehmertage)
DeGUT is one of the most important trade fairs for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in Germany with its extensive range of exhibitors, seminars and workshops as well as an exciting supporting program. It takes place annually in October. Information and dates >> 

Seminar series for entrepreneurs of non-German origin
The Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) conducts yearly advisory seminars for entrepreneurs with a migration background. In various languages (Polish, Turkish, Russian, Vietnamese, etc. / consecutive translation) the main aspects of the business start-up are discussed in a one-day seminar. A guide for non-German origin is the booklet Successful Reasons in Berlin.

Events calendar
Dates for seminars, workshops and events can be found at gründen-in-berlin.de, the platform of the Founding Network in Berlin.

Browsing the Internet you can create your own profile and connect new people in Berlin. Discover Freizeit-Treff and Berliner Singles for more information.

Tinder continues to flirt until the display glows. Tinder shows you people from the environment that could fit to you. Wiping right means: I want to get to know. On the left: rather than.1.4 billion times is wiped every day, 26 million matches meet daily, says Tinder.

This is not just about the look – the voice is important! Or Whispar says “Love is in the EAR”. At Whispar you get suggestions for possible matches. The fuzzy photos will only slowly get sharp when you listen to the personal performance by audio file. Then it goes on as if Tinder was accustomed: If both of the voice are done, you are a match.

The app comes from France. Using it  this “real Matchmaker” will suggestions flirt matches according to your own data. “Quality instead of quantity” is the motto, here every day only a possible match is proposed.

This is not an app for lazy people – here is creative flirtation requested! For Candidates or the “Question and Answer Dating Game”, you can ask your opponent questions about your favorite topics and rate the answers. This is how you get to know each other easily and playfully.

FriendsUp is an app for women who want to extend their friendships through their smartphones. You can use the app to post scheduled activities and invite other local women.

With this app you meet people from your immediate environment: Roundhere is a way to get to know your neighbors, to help each other, and perhaps even to make life-long friendships.

You can also flirt with LOVOO – on the “LOVOO radar” you can see who is just around you. Here, a match is decided by a wipe to the right, too.

To sum up, some tips from Jonas:

Have fun getting acquianted!


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