Having moved 6 years ago to Berlin, I tried to discover all common corners and opportunities that the German capital offers. Coming from a town with 60.000 inhabitants, where only buses operate in the public transport, I still enjoy going by underground (in German “U-Bahn”) or urban railway (“S-Bahn”) to work or wherever I want. At home, I needed 20 minutes to go 1,5 kilometers by public transport. Here in Berlin I will be 5 kilometers far away during this time.

Everything is amazingly quick and vibrant. Modern and youthful. Only in 2016, 50.000 new people moved to Berlin and I really understand why. Berlin is in fashion. Poor but sexy as Klaus Wowereit said. It offers appealing bars, unique clubs, cool nights, versatile events, artistic lifestyle and multicultural atmosphere. You even don’t have to speak German to build up your career here. The city is open-minded and flexible.

I would like to share my experience I have gained so far in Berlin with newcomers and holidaymakers to help their attendance here. My purpose is to collect useful tips, inside conclusions from local people to facilitate great memories about being in Berlin. However, I also need your assistance. Please let me know if you are aware of some coming exciting events, exhibitions or other activities that I could share with other interested visitors.

Thank you,

Joyful Berlin